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Hi. My boy Johnny Domehead Bananas has suddenly stopped eating. He has always been my best eater and loves food, but for some reason he has stopped eating everything he normally eats. He sniffs it and looks like he wants to eat, but then just walks away. He will lap a little yogurt from time to time and will chow on super worms, but that is it right now. I stopped giving him his medicine, thinking that the medicine might be the problem, but it was not the issue because he is still not eating. Any ideas? Could it be a spring thing, or something more serious? Oh yeah and when he finds the occasional piece of cat food on the rug, he will eat that lol. Let me know what you think as soon as you can please.


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What medication is he on? It may be affecting his appetite. Since he is being treated for something, I would check with your Veterinarian and see what he or she thinks.  Good luck and let us know what happens. 
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