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i jut got my kit on Thursday of last week.  He is 5 weeks old and we are still bottle feeding him for the next couple weeks with a side of wet dog food that the breeder gave us.  At 8 weeks i was told we can start feeding him solid, but well chopped veggies / eggs and turkey meat mix, is that correct?

Also, is it ok to leave the kit out of his carrier and explore around without watching him like a hawk?  Im so afraid of him getting in the couch or something and not being able to get out.  I dont know if they will always come out when they are hungry or whatever.  We only let him out when we are holding him, watching him intently or feeding.  Any advice in that area?

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Welcome to the forum! Please post pictures of your new baby.
What are you bottle feeding, Fox Valley Formula? What breeder did he come from? They are not giving very good information about diet. Turkey is a low fat meat and should not be given all the time unless a species appropriate fat is added to balance it.

No, I would not allow him to explore unless you are with him. No matter how good a job is done on skunk proofing, kits will quickly show you what was missed. I hate to keep repeating that the first year mortality is very high. On the other hand, anything that can be said to prevent a loss is a good thing. Bad things can happen even with the best of intentions. 

Ideally, you should thoroughly skunk proof a small room to be his home. His bed, water bowl and potty box should be in there. He can have as much out time as you want that is supervised. I do not give them the run of the house until they have grown a bit, and have good potty habits.

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Welcome to the forum! So glad you could join!

How exciting about the new baby! I would suggest skunk-proofing one room in which to let him explore or just leaving him in a large crate when you aren't watching him at this age. We had some orphaned kittens that were young and shy and they could fit almost anywhere. We were always going on searches to find them. Same with our ferrets. I'm guessing a skunk would be the same way.
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