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andrew ross

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So we are just wondering if our pooters is over weight!! Lol he has fat rolls!!,😂😂😂 and idk if skunks are always this big but pooty is quite large lol...

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Yes, he is overweight. What a shame, he looks like such a sweet boy! Are you near south or central Florida? Maybe there are experienced skunk owners near you who could help you with his diet? With skunks, it has to be both the right food and the right portion or obesity is the result. It is actually hard to overfeed a young skunk because they grow so fast in the first year so I am guessing he is getting too much of inappropriate foods (carbs) for a skunk. It is much easier to overfeed an adult skunk because their portions are almost unbelievably small.

He doesn't look like a large skunk, just fat. An average male puts on about a lb a month until they are 8 lbs then it slows down. Less for a small male. I am guessing he is at least 10 lbs. FYI, brown males have health challenges the black and whites don't so you want to get him back on track.

Have the read the posts on the Mephitis Advocate? I can answer any diet questions you may have.
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