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andrew ross

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We got pooty about 4 months ago at the time he was 2 months old, he is now approx 6 months of age, he is a joy, we love him so much!! But we are having problems with him, everywhere he goes, he dribbles pee, and a lot of the time he jus outright pees, ... every time someone picks him up and holds hom he dribbles or pees, everytime i put him on the bed he dribbles or pees, literally everywhere he goes, he dribbles or pees, we are at wits end, we feed him the recommended diet dogfood with no dyes or grains, he has been wormed regularly, hes NOT neutered yet, hes had all his shots, we can't figure this out its at the point where we have to use pee pads to hold him on our lap, same on the bed, we put newspaper down around his litter box, another prob is he doesn't always use his litter box to poop, half the time he poops on the floor right next to his litterbox!!! Or in the opposite corner of the room!! He stopped almost completely using his original litterbox an now only uses the one behind the bed, that is where he chose to start pooping so we put another litterbox there...we give him treats for using his box an time-outs for not using it if we catch him in the act, ...otherwise he is a good skunk he sleeps most of the day now an is usually up in the morning and at night and sleeps all day under my bed in his corner.....any help would b much appreciated thanks everyone!!

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Get him neutered soon. Also, change his diet to 50% feeder insects and 50% raw or freeze dried meat based food. Kibble is not recommended for skunks and can cause dental issues.

Regarding all his shots, he should have gotten 1 (ferret) canine distemper after 20 weeks. All vaccines are off label for skunks and there is a potential for damage. The adjuvants and chemicals in the vaccine are hard on the body. Vaccines should never be given for things the skunk cannot contract, such as feline diseases. Multiple vaccines have caused all kinds of reaction in skunks up to and including death. Many skunks drink excess water in an attempt to cleanse the body and that can cause the dribbling.
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