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I am sorry to announce that I will no longer be carrying Stomp Skunk Food. Since 2011, I have been proud to offer a species appropriate diet that meets the nutritional requirements for skunks. My sales grew each year and I have enjoyed speaking with pet skunk owners around the world. 
Last year the company who manufactures Stomp did a major upgrade in equipment.  Shortly after the upgrade, I was informed that the size of the minimum order was going to have to be much larger and that there would also be a substantial increase in the wholesale price. I was hoping that we could come to terms regarding the order size, but it seems we cannot. I would have to rent air conditioned storage would which further increase the pricing. It is no longer feasible to sell this product unless I can find a company to manufacture it to the same high standards that will not require $30,000 minimum orders per flavor. 
I started looking for other companies, but there are very few who can meet the standard of quality. To date, I have not been successful in finding a replacement.
During this time I was lucky to be offered a job that will replace the income from Stomp. Since we no longer need a home large enough to stock the orders coming in, we have decided to sell and downsize to a smaller place.
I know this will be a disappointment to my many loyal customers. I have limited stock and when it is gone, there will be no more unless something changes. I will still investigate the possibility of restarting if I can find another company willing to make the product. Most pet food companies make a kibble type, not a raw, dried food. Thank you for the last 8 years. It's been fun!

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People can use Vital Essentials. It's basically the same thing.
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